Sunday, 6 November 2011

A different world

Heavy snow has glued branches and twigs to an archway that forms the entrance to a fairytale world. This is a memory that opens up a new chapter every time I reach the edge of the forest. The archway connects two worlds – one being left behind when the other one is entered. The houses and streets where people dash off to work and school become but a distant memory when I observe the white bark of the birches peeling off and the moist  knots glistening in the sun. A blackbird rustles leaves on the woodland floor in search for insects. A wren hops busily between low twigs. Though it may still be a few weeks before this winter’s first snow falls, the edge of the woodlands has remained an entrance to a different world.

Below an extract from the composition A Different World.


Copyright text, music and image Petra Vergunst

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