Sunday, 19 May 2013

Stifled flames


Stifled flames
At the side
Of a loch

Charcoaled twigs
The warm light of the flames after sunset
Turned the deepest black at sunrise

Tomorrow boys may come
Small boys
Sandals and swimming trunks
Their squealing voices conspiring
Balancing on the stones to dry themselves in sun and wind
Testing their strength when rolling the stones to the water
They may put a white feather in between the ashes
Extinguish their pretend fire with a bottle of muddy water
Hum London’s Burning
Whilst warblers spin their coins

Gathered from a field
Enclosing a fire
Scattered in play

The poem and music for Stifled Flames have been written as part of the project Said in Stone.
Copyright words, image and music Petra Vergunst

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