Tuesday, 6 January 2015

New arrivals

To get inspiration for Following the River I have been exploring Loch of Skene the last few weeks.

As the autumn evening settles
smoke from scattered chimneys
lies low over fields
cotton warmth
merges with October woods

A walker labours
carved forest paths
to the shores of the loch

The weight of the day’s journey
suppressed by feet
scurrying tired leaves
in storm-strangled groves

Fourteen hours it took geese
to navigate the ocean –
that morning, as they left Icelandic lands
the walker set off
to reach the edge of the water
in time to greet the new arrivals.

Copyright text, poem and image Petra Vergunst

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  1. hi Petra. Came across some of your poems. Love the short clipped stanzas.they make an impact on the mind but are uncluttered. feel free to check out www.poemblog3.blogspot.com. Thanks.Mark