Monday, 2 March 2015

Pen, Pencil, Paper

Have you always wanted to develop your drawing skills but do you need someone to nudge you to actually get going? Do you draw regularly but would welcome some feedback from others? Or are you always drawing the same in the same materials and need someone to suggest new subjects, new techniques and signposting to new artists and their creative ideas?

There is now the opportunity to join the Facebook group Pen, Pencil, Paper where you’ll find like-minded people who give each other feedback to work produced in response to fortnightly prompts. I am a community artist mainly working in the mediums of music and creative writing. My interest in visual arts and drawing has been long-standing but because of family and work commitments I’ve found it  hard to join regular drawing sessions. My resolution for 2015 was to improve my drawing skills and I hope to do so through this Facebook group.

The group is for everyone from beginners to established artists. I would particularly like to encourage those people who otherwise find it hard to join a regular class, because there is no class running locally or, for example, because of family or care commitments.

The content of the prompt will vary each time and will include objects, still life, portraits and people, nature, landscape.  Other times we’ll take excursions to take inspiration from other art forms, specific artists ir techniques or explore ideas in contemporary drawing. Each prompt will contain some ideas for beginners and give a suggestion for using a less obvious technique to approach the creative suggestions.

If you would like to join the drawing group, please visit the Facebook page and ask to become a member. I look forward to welcoming you. The first prompt will be up on Tuesday 17 March.

Copyright text and image Petra Vergunst

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