Tuesday, 27 September 2011

We've Left Oor Hame in Aiberdeen

After reflecting on how herring girls might have felt about moving away from home to work, their feelings towards the place they've moved to, home and their fellow herring girls, the participants in the Parallel Lives project with Arts Development in Torry, Aberdeen, have written a song on the melody of Burns's A Man's A Man For A' That - in Scots.

We’ve left oor hame in Aiberdeen
Excited by the venture
The train will tak us up the coast
New places, fit a pleasure
Oh, we’ll miss oor ma and we’ll miss oor da
There’s naething surer aboot that
Sine we’ll hae a laugh and we’ll sing a sang
Wi’ quines and loons and a’ that.

It’s early in the morning
And the sun’s begun tae shine
Oor fingers wrapped in clooties
Tae save them frae the brine
We’ll gie a chap and anither loud chap
On Beldie’s door so she’ll hear us
We’re awa’ tae gut the herring
That’s been soaking in the bree.

Sae young and independent
In search for oor ane life
New faces and new places
Tae become a fisher wife
We now hae oor ane money
Tae help oor ma and da
We ken we’ll get a bittie back
Tae hae some fun for a’ that.

We’ve gutted a’ the herring
Had fun wi’ a’ the loons
Frae up the north in Stronsay
Richt doon tae Yarmouth toon
In bonnie days and stormy days
It’s a’ the same tae us
The season it’s now over
We’ve siller in oor purse.

So now we’re aff back hame again
We feel it is a shame
But a hug fae ma and een fae da
Will seen make up for a’ that
Tae see oor folks, and a’ the bairns
Will bring us great pleasure
To be back hame in oor ane bed
It's something ye canna measure.

(Repeat of the second part of the song:)
For a’ that, an a’ that
We’ve hid a great time an’ a’ that
As for the life, tho’ hard it’s been
We’ll be back next year for a’ that.

Copyright text and song lyrics participants in the Parallel Lives project and Arts Development

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