Tuesday, 11 October 2011

We Came Here for a Better Life

My conversations with Polish and Czech mothers have given rise to the following song. The melody is based on the Scottish song Lothian Hairst, an upbeat tune. 

We came here for a better life
A home and a good job
A good school for our children
A happy family home

Our husbands were already here
We followed with the kids
We now live as a family
In a pleasant Torry home

Our husbands work as bricklayers
We have a cleaning job
This gives us income and good friends
To make a decent home

We love the sea, green fields around
The space where our kids play
We love the Mother and Toddler group
A space that is a warm home

We meet each other after mass
At home, in the Polish shop
The school that our children attend
Torry is a friendly home

We left our mum and dad behind
And stand on our own feet
No mum who helps us with the kids
That can be a challenge at home

Our friends are mainly Polish
We speak a common tongue
And understand each others’ plights
They provide a familiar home

We came here for a better life
And love our Torry home
We hope to stay for a long while
At home away from home

Copyright text and song lyrics participants in the Parallel Lives project and Arts Development

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